denies liquidity problems after Multichain CEO goes missing denies liquidity problems after Multichain CEO goes missing


Centralized crypto exchange denied rumors of illiquidity on May 31, stating that “there are no issues with our operations or withdrawals as rumored.” The statement comes after numerous Twitter channels had alleged that the exchange was experiencing insolvency due to an alleged connection between it and the cross-chain router protocol Multichain (MULTI).

The team said the company’s “operations are running healthy” and that it is focused on establishing an affiliated trading platform in Hong Kong called Gate.HK.

Rumors about’s insolvency erupted after a series of events relating to Multichain. On May 24, blockchain analytics firm Arkham Intelligence posted data showing large inflows of MULTI to, which Arkham said was related to rumors of the protocol’s team “allegedly being arrested in Shanghai.”

On May 25, Binance suspended deposits for several bridged tokens that relied on the Multichain protocol, including bridged versions of Polkastarter (POLS), Alpaca Finance (ALPACA), and Fantom (FTM). Binance said these tokens were experiencing delayed transactions and temporarily paused deposits while seeking clarity from Multichain.

On May 31, Multichain posted a statement that its CEO was missing, adding that some of the protocol’s routers no longer work because only the CEO had access to the relevant servers. The same day, some Twitter users began posting images of transactions that were allegedly large deposits of FTM from Multichain team members to

Blockchain data confirms that more than $10 million of FTM was transferred from an unknown user to on May 25-26. Cointelegraph was not able to determine the identity of the account owner performing the transaction.

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After seeing multiple deposits of MULTI and Fantom to, some Twitter users suspected that the exchange was exposed to fallout from Multichain.

The team at has denied these rumors, stating that the exchange is processing all withdrawals and operating normally.


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